Heliosparrow Poetry Journal

You are welcome to send up to 20 unpublished poems to We accept haiku, the haikuesque, disjunctively-inspired poetry; and as well, visual media (paintings, photos, graphics, haiga, etc). We have a rolling submission policy, and usually publish new works on a weekly basis. Please view our “Artist Statements” for some novel approaches. We invite your brilliance and surprise in sparrowforms of your choosing. Uplift us with your heliocentric currents, waft us to the ground in our parachutes, enfold your biteable visions, that we might find ancientness among new stars.

Please note: We do not send rejection letters. Poems are accepted within three weeks. Beyond this time they are no longer considered under review by Heliosparrow Journal. The minimal, the disjunctive, the contrapuntal, made of edges or fulsome plains; skyward-arching trees of the sparrows, fragile; avoid the all-too familiar lacking a language of birds; sing to us.

We accept previously uncurated work: For an explanation of “uncurated,” please see this essay by Timothy Green, “Uncurated: The Case for a New Term of Art” (16 March 2023,, which offers a succinct perspective. Tim writes: “The poems can’t have appeared in any other books or magazines or similarly selected collections, in print or online…. [Uncurated] leaves open the ability to self-publish on social media or blogs or message boards. It allows the work to be shared on podcasts and open mics. Tweet your poems and flash fiction. Tag the person it was written for on Facebook. Workshop stories online. Blog chapters from your novel-in-progress. This is how a literary culture thrives.”

As carbon deep in the mantle of earth’s cratonic zones under exquisite forces became diamond; as the increased flare of moissanite produced in the lab usurps the concept of organic; the poem arrives from the three times; past, present and future combine, each song utterly unique.

Artwork: Our house style leans towards supra’naturalism, interiority, and the informal; send at will. Examples here. (max 615px width, 72-92 dpi; we can size larger to smaller).

Thank you, we look forward to your work,

Richard Gilbert & Clayton Beach, Editors

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