Heliosparrow Poetry Journal

Here we are, into 2020 and over 400 parts per million. Though it seems that sanctuary is a diminishing resource, for this very reason we need to push back against the tide that robs us of our inner life and genuine mind. This is why the Haiku Sanctuary forum was created in the first place.

We have no agenda for it other than the intention of creating an artistic and free-spirited community. As an outgrowth of this, Heliosparrow is a journal for the free expression of poetic thought and creative spaces of thought. We aren’t hung up on form or on single authorship and await the future spring.

Paradoxically, considering poems as petite sparrows, I’ve long been crushed in a good way by epic poems. Sunstone by Octavio Paz for one, and even more relevantly by Vincente Huidobro’s Altazor. Huidobro seems a rather obscure poet these days, yet he speaks (like Emily Dickinson) to our future. There is sky aplenty in Altazor, and the protection of the parachute, so that the small vulnerable being, the merest kiss of soul, may be resuscitated rather than crushed by gravity in our falling.

Earth must meet heaven and the poem is one manner of making visible and negotiating this terrain.

We bleed topology.

Richard Gilbert

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