Semagram Winners, 2022


The Heliosparrow Semagrams

Contest Winners, 2022

Three Heliosparrow judges independently ranked the 100+ anonymized works, sent throughout the month of May. Below are the top six winners, followed by six Honorable Mentions. The judges’ results were combined, the top three selections being unanimous:

Contest Winner

Jim Kacian

Second-Place Prize

Alan Peat

Third-Place Prize

Richa Sharma

Fourth-Place Prize

George Swede

Fifth-Place Prize

Alan Peat & Lorraine A. Padden

Sixth-Place Prize

Diana Webb

Honorable Mention 1

Jim Kacian

Honorable Mention 2

Alan Peat & Réka Nyitrai

Honorable Mention 3

Patrick Sweeney

Honorable Mention 4

Patrick Sweeney

Honorable Mention 5

Richa Sharma

Honorable Mention 6

Richa Sharma

Out of Competition (a Heliosparrow Judge)

Hansha Teki

* * *

A big thank you to the 22 authors who submitted some 80 semagrams, a playful poetic form that inspired these writers to share novel explorations, all within a brief four-week window. Please take a look at the Semagrams page to learn more.

We wish you enlarging vistas of time and space. Richard Gilbert, Clayton Beach, Hansha Teki,